Thoughts and memories. They are things that play a major role in our lives. They aide in dictating how we move through life. They are a part of our personal being. Sometimes thoughts and memories are unpleasant, and we avoid those ones as much as possible. Then there are the good ones, of course! Reliving pleasant times in our heads reminds us of good feelings and can put a smile on our faces, no matter how long ago an event happened.

Thinking positive thoughts, and focusing on the good times in my life has been something that I have learned to value more as I have matured through life. Positive thoughts and memories are great, I’m sure we can all agree on that, but facing the bad isn’t always bad.

When we look back at bad memories, or revisit bad thoughts or ideas, these can be used as a tool for self improvement and reflection. I don’t always avoid bad memories, instead I’ve learned to try to look at them as learning experiences, or see humor in certain ones where it’s appropriate.

I guess reflecting on my own thoughts, memories, and interests is why I’m starting this blog. I never even really read a blog before. lol. I’m not sure how this will go, or where, but I’m trying it out! A friend suggested the idea to me earlier today. I’m very flattered that she finds the things I say interesting, valuable, and sometimes humorous. I’m not sure what I’ll choose to write about in future blogs, but I have many interests, so it’s possible that a cool medley of some sort will start to form!

Also, I’d like to thank anyone reading this, be aware that I really am kind of clueless on how this blog thing really works, as of right now. Lol. I hope its something that I find enjoyable, and that I can continue writing as a form of self expression. Love and peace to you all! 😊