Bonfires have been a part of my life since I can remember. I remember as a child, my parents having friends over in the yard in the summer with a bonfire lit, sometimes it was just us. Those times would sometimes last until deep into the night.

  One time it got really late, and my mom and I fell asleep on a blanket by the bonfire, as people still gathered around talking and laughing around us. When we awoke, everyone was gone, and it was just us outside laying on that blanket. We have laughed at that memory many times together.

Another memory I have about Bonfires as a child, is when my dad and brothers would go fishing or camping on a local back country road. Me and my mom would sometimes go and stay awhile, then we’d go home later and leave the guys to do their thing, or sometimes my brother’s would fish at a local farm, then have a bonfire at home.

I even remember bonfires in the wintertime when I was a child. During some night-time  sledding I remember my uncle coming over and us having a bonfire lit. That particular uncle has taught me many valuable little lessons in life, one of them being tips on building a good bonfire.

Something about sitting by a warm bonfire is very relaxing to me. The crackling of the fire, the different colors it makes as it dances around. As an adult, the good Lord has blessed me with being able to currently live in a place where I am able to have a small bonfire pit of my own. I am truly blessed to be where I am, though I  don’t expect that I will live here forever, being that I’m a tenant and not a homeowner.

My dream has been that when I move someday, that I am able to live somewhere more secluded than I am now. In this dream I have my bonfires, and a fireplace in maybe a cottage or some other awesome dwelling, in a somewhat wooded area. Yes, I have the dream all mapped out in my head! Lol.