I’ve never really been big on watching much television in my spare time. If I watch something in my spare time lately it’s either YouTube or Netflix. Cable television isn’t a necessity for me with all that’s available to watch these days on the Internet. Many televised shows are even available via the good ole World Wide Web.

I used to enjoy watching reality shows at times. Finding out that these shows are often staged ruined it for me. After coming across this saddening news, I now do a little research if I come across a reality show that I may find interesting. I try to find out if anyone has written anything about that particular show being manipulated for viewing purposes and ratings.

I really enjoy a good documentary. There are many good ones available on both YouTube and Netflix. Learning about things that I find interesting has always been a part of me. Coming across a good documentary is always a treat!

I’m always looking for new thingsĀ that are of interest to watch in my free time, when I just chill out. Any suggestions on YouTube channels or shows and movies on Netflix is greatly appreciated. I have a wide variety of interests, and depending on what it is, sometimes I’m open to exploring or looking for new interests. Though never anything dark or evil, I won’t watch anything like that! Also, if you have a YouTube channel of your own, please feel free to leave some info and a link to it in the comments. Thanks everyone, God bless!