I believe that most people would say to drink eight glasses of water a day. I don’t think I drink eight glasses of anything a day. If I drank eight glasses a day, I feel that’s all I’d ever get to drink, unless I wanted to just get full off of liquids all day.

I have researched several different sources, and what I have found is that there are many different recommendations when it comes to how much water consumption is considered healthy.

I have had people tell me that I need to drink more water. There have been times that I’d say to people who tell me to drink more water that I drink fruit juices, and eat fruits and vegetables as often as possible. Water is in these things, so why don’t they consider that as part of a person’s daily water intake?

I get it that never drinking water is unhealthy. I just dont think I’ll ever be one of those people that keeps track of how many ounces of it that I drink a day. For me, I do have a goal to incorporate more water into my diet, but for now that goal is just a glass or two a day, along with the water that I get through other sources, such as fruit juices.

Who knows, someday water may become my favorite drink. I do respect water for all it’s attributes. I appreciate that it is cleansing, healthy, and vital for survival. I just don’t always like the taste.

Water is something that is so simple but yet it can taste very different coming from different sources. Faucet water from the city often tastes and smells of chlorine to me. I grew up in the country where my mother still lives, where the water comes from a well into the home. A lot of people compliment my mom on the “taste” of her water, and how cold it comes out. Sometimes family members will even fill a few jugs to take home with them.

Bottled water comes from different sources, as we all know. Some bottled water is spring water, some filtered, among other choices. There are options out there when it comes to bottled water. Filtered water of course, is just filtered tap water. Spring water is supposed to come from a natural water source, but of course it is still bottled in factories. I’m one of those people who is not willing to pay more for water just because it’s marketed as being something like “captured from the coldest, purest, mountain top ice caps in Maine.” If I’m going for packaged spring water, I’m okay with drinking the less expensive choices. The way I see it, it’s all water, and all goes through some kind of factory processes. I enjoy being thrifty, so bring on the local, more frugal stuff for me!

Lately the new thing is that drinking water packaged in plastic bottles can be potentially harmful. Certain chemicals from the plastic bottles begin to get into the liquid that it is holding over time. Makes me wonder if it’s better to just drink your own water from your faucet. I haven’t researched if there are any companies who sell water in glass bottles, but I’m sure there probably are some out there. You can buy almost anything these days!

I guess my conclusion to all of this is that drinking water is something that we all have to make sure we are doing fairly regularly. It is important for us to consume water, being that as humans water is essential for optimal health and vitality. How often we drink it, and where we choose to drink our water from is more of a personal thing, in my opinion.

As long as you are taking in a sufficient amount through drinking it, and by eating fresh foods, I believe that stressing on drinking a specified amount is unnecessary. Unless a particular daily intake is required for medical reasons. It is also important to remember that being healthy in all areas is something we all must do if we choose to live an overall healthy lifestyle!