Thrift stores are always good places to look for crafting materials. Many things can be repurposed in one way or another. I enjoy doing crafts, and would like to do more repurposing. I don’t like spending a lot of money on craft items, or too much of anything really. Being thrifty is my thing! In this post I want to share a few thrift store find ideas, that can be used for crafts.

I really enjoy burning candles. Often times candleholders can be found in thrift stores. If you do not like the look of a particular candleholder, there are many ways to deck it out the way you like. Different paints can be used, washi tapes, stencils, and decals. For a wedding or romantic look, rhinestones and/or ribbon can be applied using a hot glue gun.

There are also items that can be substituted for actual candle holders. Finding something pretty that can hold the size candle you’ll be using is a way to create an even more unique holder of your own. Things such as teacups, wine glasses, and small vases can all be good to use for candles.

Another craft that can get pricey is quilt making. Clothes, sheets, pillowcases, and curtains found at thrift stores with colors or patterns that you love, can be used  to make your own fabric squares. I have friends who used their mom’s nightgowns to make quilting squares. They used them to make throws with, to give to loved ones after her passing. Such a dear keepsake, and wonderful gift for someone who has lost a loved one.

Fabic items found in thrift stores can also be used for many other things,  the possibilities are endless. A few more ideas of mine for reusing fabric are redoing a lampshade, making homemade bookcovers for scrapbooks or albums, and making handmade seat cushions, or pillows.

Old pans can usually be found also. They are great for things such as wax melting, and soap making. Having pans designated specifically for crafts is always good if you’re into doing projects that require them.

I recently came up with an idea to make some type of sleeping mats for overnight guests. Sometimes during holidays, or other times, people get visitors that need to stay over. There is always room, but having a portable mat or two on hand might come in handy, and seems like a cool project idea to me.

I have a few ideas already in mind for making these sleeping mats. One idea is to use old couch pillows, the huge kind. Sew them together, then encase the whole mat in some type of awesome fabric. Another idea I have is to use several old thick quilts, fold them in half, sew together, and finish it the same way, by sewing on some type of fabic, encasing the whole mat.

One last idea I’ll share in this post about thrift store items being used in crafting, is reusing children’s books or magazines. Children’s picture books can be used to make different things for a child. Sometimes children rip their books, or color in them. Books that are damaged in some way, can be used for their illustrations to make a collage, or homemade invitations. Pictures from books or magazines can also be cut out and used for a child, or anyone really to create their own scene on a posterboard, or paper.

I am very open to any added suggestions on the things I’ve mentioned, or other project ideas, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading, God bless!!