Like a lot of people, I really value my alone time. I love my family and friends, but I also need time alone for awhile each day. I feel that when I get a little time to myself every day, my whole day and outlook are better.

 Kendrick Lamar’s song about his vibe not being killed, sums it up pretty nicely.
There are a few words and lyrics used in the song that may be considered offensive to some people, but overall in my opinion, he’s making a good point. When I’m chilling or enjoying some alone time, do not, by any means, kill my vibe. Unless it’s found to be completely  necessary at that moment. And by necessary I mean like life or death, or the losing of a limb, something along those lines.

 I definitely don’t mind sharing my time. As an adult and parent, a lot of my time is not my own. I enjoy being a parent, and I love and respect the time and dedication that it takes. I think that when you’re a parent, some alone time is important so that you don’t get overwhelmed emotionally or physically. Staying emotionally and physically healthy is definitely a factor in good parenting.

Sometimes there are people in our lives who can drain us mentally. Putting too much time or thought into people who only bring the negative, is a surefire vibe killer. Some different ways people can drain us mentally is complaining a lot, gossiping, being condescending, offensive, or argumentative, among many other things.

Have you ever had a person in your life who just seems to be against almost any thought or idea that you have, for the sake of being oppositional? Wanting to constantly argue their own thoughts or ideas. I’ve dealt with people like that, and they can definitely kill your vibe!

Then there are the people who think that you’re only in their life as a personal sounding board. These people will brag, complain, and gossip, while basically dominating the conversation for the sake of being heard. The only thing these kind of people expect you to talk about is things directly related to their life, problems, or interests. Can you say vibe killers?

And I can’t leave out the ones who are never happy about anything, stay in a bad mood, and always point out the negative in every situation. Warning: they will kill your vibe if you’re feeling happy and positive.

To sum up this post, I guess what I’m saying is to love those in your life, but don’t let anyone ever kill any of your peace or happiness. Be there for others, but know when to take time for yourself. Sometimes it’s better to temporarily be to yourself if it means going through emotional turmoil. Know when to say “it’s not a good time for me” or even “I’m busy, can I get back to you a little later?” Enjoy any good vibes that you feel, and don’t let things or people kill them!