People find superiority through some shallow things these days. Social media has been an aide in people feeling the need to have their egos inflated by themselves and others.

Many people find validation through having many likes, followers, and “friends” on various social media sites. I use some social sites, but I enjoy focusing more on the aspect of logging things for my own memories, or to share with people that I know “in real life”.

Another thing that I notice that often makes people feel superior, is having knowledge on a subject that someone else may not. Being the one to “fill someone in” seems to make some people happy. Sharing knowledge is supposed to be helpful or informative, not condescending or hurtful.

Often times people seem to have the notion that the material things that they own, reflect their worth as a person. You can be an overall asshole in life, and still own things of monetary value. Some people have wealth, and still choose to live a lifestyle where they do not spend lavishly. Then there are people with little money who might splurge on something expensive every now and then. Looking at people’s worldly possessions is not a good way to determine someone’s personal status, for these reasons, among others.

Careers or job title is another one. ¬†For example, the president of a company may feel superior to employees that work “underneath” them. Too often people forget that it’s a necessity to have people at all levels, do different things, or a system will usually fail. A Mercedes Benz still requires a spark plug, to use an analogy. Both a housewife or a woman who chooses to work outside of the home can add value to society. Unfortunately, this is a topic that often has people on either side sometimes feeling superior to the other, all because of personal career choices.

The thing is, nothing exterior makes us better than the next person. Things are just things. They can come and go. Things that are inside of us such as talents, knowledge, and skills, do not make us better, unless they are being passed on. We are better when we can help others do better, in my opinion. God’s word tells us to love others. Love is humble, love is kind! Are we showing people Christ’s love when we feel superior in certain areas of lives, when comparing it to those of others? Thanks for reading, and God bless!