So, I was trying to think of some new topic ideas earlier, for blogging material. Then later some good ones came to me through other people.

The first topic idea was from my “manfriend.” (too old to refer to a guy that I’ve been with long term as my “boyfriend”) His suggestion was to write about leaves, I think he meant Autumn leaves to be a little more precise. He knows how much that I enjoy nature, and also a conversation that we had about leaves when Fall was just beginning this year.

The other topic idea that I got came from browsing different blogs. I came across a writer who is doing a cool writing challenge. I forgot to ask if I could mention her name as a reference, but do plan on doing so, and sharing her site info in another post.

I do not plan on doing her whole particular writing challenge, but I do plan on doing a version of my own of the blog post of hers that I had come across today. I did ask her if she minded first, to show consideration, and as a way of giving “props” for a cool post!

The writing challenge post that I read of hers was basically about her putting her music on shuffle, and writing personal thoughts and feelings about the first few songs that came on. I own a good amount of tunes, of all generes, and I really love listening to good music when I’m in the mood for it, so this particular topic idea seems like a fun one to me!

There is also a blogger that I follow, who is doing posts about thankfulness for the month of November. I haven’t gotten around to joining in with her on this by writing a thankfulness article myself, but it’s been on my to-do list!

I will be writing posts on the topic ideas mentioned in this article, while also exploring some writing challenges of my own, maybe a mix of ones I make-up myself, along with ones that I may find from Internet sources. Any good writing topic ideas are welcome, thanks so much for reading! ✌