This post is one that I have been really looking forward to writing. I got the idea for this particular article from reading a post by a WordPress user named Sweetangyl. When I came across her page, her latest blog posts  were based on different writing challenge topics.

The one that first caught my attention was an article that she had done based on putting her music on shuffle, then giving some of her own personal thoughts and feelings about the first three songs that came on. This sounds like a fun topic idea to me.

I enjoy and own all kinds of different music, so this could be really interesting! I plan on not cheating by skipping over songs for any reason, whatever comes on shuffle, are the songs that I’ll be writing about. So heres my version, and thanks again, Sweetangyl for giving me the green light to use one of your topics!

1. “Crooked Smile”- J.Cole featuring T.L.C.: This song is upbeat and in my opinion is a “happy” type of song. I think it’s awesome that the song encourages self appreciation, and the natural beauty of a person. There are many rap songs that seem to put women down by referring to women by using terms that are sometimes degrading, or by portraying women in the negative. This song is refreshing in the sense that it’s uplifting women, and people on a whole. I think there should be more songs like this, being that people often copy what they believe to be popular. Songs that promote positivity can encourage people in many different ways, for the good.

2.”Got To Give It Up” – Marvin Gaye: This song definitely gives off a positive vibe! It can make even a person with two left feet want to get up and dance. This song is an oldie, and reminds me of people “back in the day” dancing. I’m not sure when this song came out, but I’m sure I had to be just a child. Good party song, that is non-offensive and safe for all ears!

3. “Wish You Were Here”-Pink Floyd: I really love this song. I grew up hearing a lot of classic rock, so it reminds me of younger times, and certain family members. One of those family members being my dad, who passed away last December. “Wish You Were Here” seems especially appropriate for remembering my dad right now, because Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I do wish he was here, not just for tomorrow, but everyday. The instrumentals on this song are awesome. I could listen to the whole song without any lyrics, and still enjoy it just as much.

I enjoyed doing this post, I’m thinking that I may do it again with three different songs sometime in the future. I have a lot of posts that I want to get finished, so it may not be in the near future, but who knows? I just kind of “wing it” with the blogging. Whatever I feel that I want to write about at the time, is how it’s been going so far. Never know what you might see next on here! Thanks so much for reading, and I look forward to any feedback on this or other posts. 🌻🌞✌