This year it seems to me that a lot of leaves took forever to change color after fall came. I feel like I can remember them changing earlier when I was a child, but memories can get distorted with time, so maybe not.

There have been a lot of cold days and even colder nights this fall on the East Coast. There have also been a lot of days that have been in the sixies, and higher. Today the forcast predicts temperatures in the high fifties. The weather seems to be more unpredictable each year in the sense that each season doesn’t always have very “seasonable” weather. A lot of times a season will have traits of other seasons, on a somewhat consistent basis.

This year, not only did it seem like a lot of trees kept green leaves well into the colder parts of autumn, I also seen many summer flowers still alive after nights of frost. Then it was like the flowers and leaves that were still hanging around for fall decided all at once to play catch-up. Now it’s looking more like the current season, instead of a mix.

Back when I was a child, it was a known fact that winter would bring cold temperatures and snow. Lately, you never know whether the winter will be cold with snow, or mild with little to no snow. These past winters have seemed to be the latter. Sometimes I miss cold snowy winters, but not if I have to go out in it a lot. And of course I like being warm and comfortable and have all the things I need when it comes to being snowed in.

In recent news there have been things about climate change. We can definitely see different signs in nature that reflect the truth of there being changes in climates around the world. It is something that is a concern because of the many effects that a changing climate can cause. Major differences in a particular environment surely could have impacts on all living things that are dependant on certain attributes of a specific region.

My take on it all is that God is in control. The Bible speaks of certain things regarding the seasons. We can all certainly help the environment by living as “clean” or “green” as possible. Recycling, repurposing, not littering, and walking, or carpooling, are just a few things we can do to decrease pollution in our environment. While we are here, I feel that we should respect the Earth we live on, and try as a whole to better the world for ourselves and future generations. Thank-you for reading. Peace and blessings!