There are so many things that I am thankful for in my life. There is a WordPress user that I follow named Bianca who has been doing different posts about thankfulness throughout the month of November. She invited other bloggers to join her in writing posts about things for which they are grateful. So here it is, my November thankfulness writing challenge post.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, due to the fact that it is about gathering with loved ones to spend time together, and remembering the things that we are grateful for in our lives. Enjoying a delicious feast is also definitely a plus when it comes to Thanksgiving!

A lot of people choose Christmas as their favorite. I definitely find Christmas precious and sacred. The fact that it is the day that we celebrate the birth of Jesus makes it extra special to me. I look forward to both Thanksgiving and Christmas every year, because those two holidays seem to be the top two, as far as spending quality time with those we love are concerned.

I am grateful that this past Thanksgiving was one of peace and love. Our family has been through a lot over the past, like many families. Time that I am able to spend with my family is something that I learn to appreciate more and more as I mature through life. Life is unpredictable. The older I get, the more I realize that often times we lose loved ones with no warning. Every moment spent with friends and family is precious, because the next moment is promised to no one.

I am thankful for things that are often taken for granted. Often times people rejoice over things that are obvious blessings, but there are things that are looked over sometimes when blessings are taken into account. I am grateful for things such as eyesight, two working legs, a place to live, healthy children, and healthy pets.

As I’m writing, I am starting to realize that this post could go on forever. So to sum it up, I want to express my gratitude for answered prayers. There are too many times in my life to count, that I called on God in prayer, and he answered me. He continues to work in my life, and knowing that I can count on that fact is reassurance daily. Thanks for reading, and God bless! 🌼