One thing that I’ve noticed that can get me down usually very easily, is people who have negative personalities. People who always speak against the positive, people who are condescending, and people who just seem to constantly give off bad vibes.

Being subjected to people’s rude behavior is something that we all face at one time or another. For some of us, we deal with it way more often than we’d like. Sometimes those situations can be avoided, but other times a person is involved in circumstances in which they have to find ways to deal with it.

I’m definitely still learning, when it comes to finding ways to deal with the negativity of others. Sometimes I avoid people or situations where I know I’m not going to get a good vibe. Sometimes our friends or family are the ones who bring us down. When it comes to those we care about, avoiding them isn’t usually an option, and even if it is, most of us don’t choose it due to things such as feelings of love, obligation, and loyalty.

I’ve heard different opinions on the subject of dealing with loved ones who “take the wind out of our sails.” Many people say it’s better to love those who take away from our positivity, or hurt us, from a distance. I can understand that, and with some people we are able to do that, by separating ourselves, but still being there if that person needs you, and loving them, but spending less time having direct interactions with them.

Lately, I find that when I am in a situation where I’m dealing with negativity, I try to maintain my own mood, (assuming it’s a good mood, or close to good) and give off positive vibes. I like to let myself and that person see that outside factors such as the words or opinions of others can only control me and my emotional peace if I allow it. And yes, like anyone, no plan works out the same every single time, but that’s okay, too.

Often times if you “kill a person with kindness” or encourage them by your own positive demeanor, their mood or attitude begins to change. This isn’t about “kissing up” to people, it’s about having some control of the vibe when you’re in a situation. It’s also about inspiring positivity in others so that they are encouraged in their lives. If one person can spark another person, that person could spark someone else. It’s something that could cause a chain reaction. Too often the world as a whole, shares negatives instead of positives. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, start a new vibe in places where it’s needed! Why not start today?! As always, thanks for reading. God bless and take care!